Why Choose Principal Commercial Capital Group

PCCG realizes that the means of obtaining capital for business or investment is both challenging and changing. While commercial banks continue to tighten up their lending criteria and remain selective in their approval process, the industry of alternative lending is filling a very important void. This is a rapidly growing space, but one that is not widely known to the majority of consumers. No longer are alternative lenders viewed as lenders of last resort, rather they have become a means to get loan structures and terms that may be more favorable to a business owner or real estate investor.

With over 15 years of experience working at some of the largest commercial banks in the country, the leadership at PCCG has a keen understanding of what it takes to get the necessary capital for our customers.

PCCG was created to bridge the world of commercial banks and alternative lenders. We have deep relationships with a wide array of funding sources so we can provide a client two very important things –capital and options. These options put the leverage with the customer by having capital sources competing to win their business. It is our goal to provide a truly unique lending experience, taking a consultative approach to your business to achieve your objectives. We believe in building long lasting relationships and always acting in the best interest of our client.

With PCCG you can count on reliable service, transparency, trust and integrity. We are very appreciative of our clients and referral sources. We look forward to working with you.