Purchase Order Financing

Helping You Expand Your Market Within the Supply Chain

purchase-orderFilling customer orders on time can be a daunting and downright difficult task, particularly if you have to dedicate most of your financial resources to doing so. What if you were able to have financial support to both fill orders and continue to take on business at the same time? Sound crazy? Not to us here at the Principal Commercial Capital Group.

Why Choose Purchase Order Financing?

We offer options through our Purchase Order Financing program that help you to:

  • Ensure timely delivery of each and every customer order
  • Expand your production capabilities to take on larger client orders or to fill more orders simultaneously
  • Increase your market share without having to sell off equity in your company or take on more bank debt

We can offer you financing tools such as Letters of Credit for trade financing on both foreign and domestic import and export transactions. We can also offer production financing for any client orders that you may currently have in progress. These funding options work great whether you’re a supplier, producer, distributor, or wholesaler of all forms of pre-sold goods.

Our Purchase Order Financing program can help make you and your company more capable of filling client orders both effectively and efficiently. With the help of our team of experts at the Principal Commercial Financial Group, you can take your company’s production capabilities to new heights, even while staying up on the task of filling orders. To find out how, simply give us a call today.